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Supporting Small Local Businesses – As Seen On TV!

jen wright food star

We are delighted to say that one of the small businesses we use for our corporate gifts is about to get national exposure! Jen Wright from The Cocktail Pickers Club is appearing in the new BBC1 Gordon Ramsay series Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. Jen’s cocktails  are marketed as Taking the mess out of making

I don’t want the gory details doc!

gory details

Often when it comes to discussing surgical procedures, some patients will say, “I don’t want to know the details just get on with it”. Problem is, in modern day medicine, the law on consent has shifted from “Doctor knows best” to “shared decision and responsibility”. This is certainly a good thing as it means that

Weight Gain Conundrum

weight gain and obesity doncaster

There is no doubt obesity is on the rise. According to the NHS website obesity affects 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children. Not only can it have an effect on musculoskeletal pain, but significantly increases your risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer! Patients will often say that they have put

Brachymetetarsia surgery

I have now completed a number of these procedures which have been challenging to say the least. The one step procedure involves breaking the metatarsal and inserting a bone graft. All of the patients experience some stiffness post op which is difficult to avoid. One particular challenge is tendon balance The tendons require a tenotomy

Is this the end of open surgery for bunions?

That of course is the real question. I was, personally, in denial about the potential for key-hole bunion surgery. The more I heard about it, the more it irritated me! It almost turns everything I believed in on its head. I suppose that’s because key-hole surgery is still poorly understood scientifically. I mean how can

Diabetic Dilemma

foot surgery Antony Wilkinson

Diabetes is certainly on the increase. Type 2 diabetes and its link to obesity is in particular increasing, but what does this have to do with feet? Well, you might be surprised to know that according to NHS England, diabetics with foot ulceration creates an 80% chance of foot amputation, and has a five year

Foot Surgery Testimonial

foot surgery Antony Wilkinson

“The Care I received was the best” “I have received the very best care after numerous operations on both my feet all successfully operated on by Mr Wilkinson. He has completely transformed my feet into what I call Cinderella feet. Not only did I have my operations done by the wonderful NHS but also I paid privately

Knee Replacement Testimonial

paul haslem, knee specialist

Our client presented with knee problems that resulted in knee replacement surgery “Mr. Haslam was recommended to me by one of his former patients.  At my first consultation I was made very welcome and immediately felt at ease. He was well prepared and fully explained the problems my knee presented. He informed me most professionally

CORIEL Supporting young people in our community

coriel charity support

Coriel is supporting Dearne Valley Personal Development Centre(DVPDC) to help young people in our community . We are proud to help fund the great work being undertaken by DVPDC through the acquisition of bikes and laptops for use by the young people attending the centre. Great work being done by the hardworking team at DVPDC

nStride Treatment

nSTRIDE® aps treatment

Coriel Orthopaedic Group are the only centre to offer this treatment in South Yorkshire. Check out the nStride treatment section of our website and reference the links below to see whether this treatment can help you too. Adventurer Steve Backshall shares his story The Daily Mail also features a story about his treatment, read

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