Coriel at Chapman Physiotherapy

Coriel at Chapman Physiotherapy is a private consulting facility located within Chapman Physiotherapy. Based in Doncaster, our easily accessible location provides full disabled facilities.
Appointments are available with all Coriel specialists by arrangement. Within this facility we offer consultations and injection therapy.

For other surgical procedures, patients have the option of either Park Hill Hospital or Kinvara Private Hospital.

Coriel at Chapman Physiotherapy facilities include:

  • Ground floor consultation room
  • Ground floor treatment room
  • Reception
  • Free car parking

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@PaulCaden1 I have just had a quote of £160 to change a radiator. The radiator is extra which costs £120. New valves £20. The £160 includes pipe alterations. The old sizes do not match the new ones so pipes often need shortening etc. that’s the tricky part for DIY.

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