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ACL Tear

About ACL Tears

ACL is short for anterior cruciate ligament and is a major ligament in the knee joint. The ACL connects the shin bone (tibia) to your thigh bone (femur). The ACL sits inside the knee joint behind the knee cap (patella). We can treat ACL tears in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Worksop.

ACL tears are when the ligament becomes torn or damaged. The ligament may be stretched in mild injuries or it may be partially or completely torn in more serious injuries.

Sudden changes of direction or motion are the main cause of ACL injuries, where the knee is under pressure from body weight whilst twisting to change direction. Many ACL tears are a result of a sporting injury such as landing following a jump, a collision or suddenly stopping. ACL tears are often associated with skiing, football and basketball.

What are the symptoms of an ACL tear?

ACL injuries are painful and immediately following an injury, the knee may swell up and the joint might not be able to take any weight. A pop or a crack may be heard at the moment the injury occurs.

Upon examination by a specialist, the knee joint may appear loose where the lower leg can slide back and forth at the knee.

What treatments are available for an ACL tear?

Damage to the ACL range from mild to severe so treatment will depend on your injury. Soft tissues like ligaments can take a long to heal than muscles so you will need to be patient.

For minor injuries to the ACL, a combination of rest, ice therapy, compression and elevation can initially treat your knee injury. Then, gentle exercises to promote the full range of knee motion will help with your recovery.

Physiotherapists can use manipulation techniques to stimulate blood flow and therefore healing of the ligament.

For more severe cases, such as a complete tear of the ACL, surgery may be the only option. Extensive physiotherapy may also be required before and after surgery. Book your treatment for ACL Tears in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster or Worksop. You can also follow us on social media.


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