Emma Golightly

Emma Golightly

I live in Doncaster with my husband, my two teenage children and two dogs. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and going to the gym and long walks with the dogs.

I began my working life in the legal and insurance industries but have spent most of my career within the NHS. I got great job satisfaction in assisting patients along their care pathways and I have always been a firm believer that the patient always comes first. At the end of 2020 after almost twenty years, I left the NHS which was a move that led me to join Coriel and become part of their Team where I aspire to bring my knowledge and experience to continue assisting patients with their treatment and care.

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@PaulCaden1 I have just had a quote of £160 to change a radiator. The radiator is extra which costs £120. New valves £20. The £160 includes pipe alterations. The old sizes do not match the new ones so pipes often need shortening etc. that’s the tricky part for DIY.

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