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“I experienced significant difficulties with my left knee following a trampolining accident. Long-term symptoms included my knee ‘giving way’ unpredictably, and ‘shooting pains’ down either sides of my knee. My father, a GP, recommended I meet with Mr Haslam as he is well known as “the knee guy”. Before seeing Mr Haslam, nearly three months after my injury, I had lost total confidence in my knee, which impacted on my quality of life significantly. For example, I was unable to run, swim, and kneel. I couldn’t even walk safely in high heels, or play actively with my children.

After my examination, Mr Haslam spent considerable time explaining my MRI results and the damage to me knee clearly to me. I had fully torn my Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and had damaged my lateral and medial meniscus. Mr Haslam helped me to consider all of my options carefully, for example, whether to have an operation or not, and the long-term advantages and disadvantages of
each of these choices.

After deciding to have my operation, Mr Haslam ensured I was well informed of all of the details and post-operative recovery expectations. I believe my operation was carried out with great skill, compassion and care. My ACL was repaired with a hamstring graft, and my medial and lateral meniscus was sutured. I was quite concerned about the amount of scaring I might have following the operation; however this has been minimal, thanks to the brilliant surgical skills of Mr Haslam. I believe my post-operative care was excellent; both Mr Haslam and the physiotherapy team at
Doncaster Royal Infirmary were extremely supportive and caring. I feel I received excellent treatment and care and would recommend Mr Haslam and his surgical team to anyone with a similar


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